Karen has always possessed a creative streak, influenced by her Barbadian mother, Joyce, who made many of her clothes when Karen was a child. On a trip to their local fabric emporium when Karen was in her teens, they bought her first sewing pattern and some crisp white cotton to make a stylish pair of wrap waist trousers. A flame ignited.

Karen worked in Secondary education for over three decades, first as a Dance specialist, then a Textiles teacher and finally as a Pastoral leader. Her talent for sewing and designing has been an asset and a joy, cathartic and creative, and her business has grown from selling fabric bags handmade from colourful Ankara fabric to working exclusively with women on Bespoke handmade clothing. 

Karen moved on from her long career in education having realised her passion for helping women to feel special and valued. She is a Designer, Maker and Educator focused on building a legacy in Fashion with an emphasis on beautifully handmade, colour focused clothing for women who, like herself, are not afraid to stand up and stand out. 


  • Freedom - freedom from fashion and trend constraints. Freedom to wear vibrant colour.

  • Creativity -awakening your individuality. Wear what makes you happy.

  • Honesty - Being true to yourself and to others. To be courageously authentic.


Reddskin is passionate helping women to find their voice by creating beautiful, handmade pieces that evoke fond memories and a sense of heritage.

Each remarkable woman has her own unique story to tell; Our clothing reflects their journey.

Reddskin champions slow fashion ethics; quality clothing that is worth the time.