Not exactly sure what 'Bespoke' means? Got any questions? Have a read below


What is a ‘Bespoke’ garment?

A bespoke garment is simply a garment that is created for one individual to their own specific requirements and measurements.

What is the process of buying a Reddskin Bespoke garment?

We ask that you book an appointment in advance. Your appointment is an hour long uninterrupted consultation, giving you the opportunity to discuss and design your garment in private. When you come for your appointment you will be measured up and we will discuss what kind of garment you would like and what details will make it unique to you.

Any garment starts with an idea, contact and then a consultation. After this, the exact process will depend on the type of garment and/or Reddskin package chosen.

How long does the entire Reddskin experience take?

4 -6 weeks from the deposit payment depending on client availability for fittings etc. We appreciate your patience.

Who will make my garment?

All Reddskin garments are cut, handmade and hand finished exclusively by Reddskin founder, Karen in her London studio.

Why doesn’t Reddskin offer fabric choices?

Our experience is such that clients usually have the fabric before the garment idea, sometimes having cherished it for a good while. For those clients who do not or are unsure about fabric, we are happy to recommend and advise on the bestto buy and where to shop.

What if I change my mind about my design?

It is the clients prerogative to have a change of direction. Any small changes to your design can be discussed at the first toile fitting stage. Changes that alter the essence of the design may incur an extra charge. But this is made clear during discussion.

How do I pay for my garment?

We want to make things as comfortable and manageable for you as possible. Once you place an order after your consultation, we ask for a 50% non refundable deposit. After that it’s up to you how you pay, you can pay the outstanding balance when you pick up your finished garment, or spread the cost over the weeks whilst it gets made. We accept cash and paypal or bank transfers.  

How should I care for my Reddskin garment?

Drycleaning is recommended for lined garments. Unlined, cotton garments can be washed on a ‘delicate’ cycle and a short spin. Iron damp to maintain shape.

How will my finished Reddskin garment be packaged?

All orders are packaged in acid-free tissue paper and sturdy box with a carry handle. Please remember the environment when the packaging is no longer useful.

Why does a Reddskin Bespoke garment cost what it does?

The entire Reddskin bespoke process has you at its heart. Handmade clothing to cherish takes time. You could say that it’s history in the making. From the initial idea through to the final fitting we focus on enabling you to feel confident and special, not only stage by stage but every time you wear your garment.

The other point to consider is rarity – your bespoke garment is yours, no one else’s. Your measurements are as unique as you are, you will never bump into someone wearing the same bespoke garment as you.

How do I book a consultation?

Click the button below. We will respond to your request within 48 hours.

Do you make Bespoke garments for men?

We are currently focusing our care and attention solely on women. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with future developments.