Wear Your Happy STYLE - BEST FRIEND.

How will you Wear Your Happy today_.png
How will you Wear Your Happy today_.png

Wear Your Happy STYLE - BEST FRIEND.



Not sure where to start deciding which clothes make you feel happy and which simply make you feel …well…crappy?

Feeling out of sorts with your changing body and need some helpful inspiration?

Trying to pull yourself out of a style rut and not sure how to even begin?

Would you like some expert guidance?

Book a personalised session at times and days to suit your busy schedule. I will visit your home to help you to look at your wardrobe and fashion choices.
Our emphasis will be on utilising the clothing you already own to gain confidence and promote positive mental well-being.

Over one day you will -

  • gain sustainable, practical tips to get the best out of what you already have.

  • learn how to use Wear Your Happy in your every day dressing.

Style questionnaire including goals.

Style memory conversation

Wardrobe delve.

8 Ways to Wear Your Happy in practise.

Outfit try ons

Goal setting recap

Scarf and accessory clinic

What to Wear With What

Trend info where relevant.

Repair and care advice

Ideas to facilitate lasting change.

After care summary sheet including suggestions for any further sustainable shopping.

PLUS 10% off future bespoke service*

I am intuitive, patient, gentle and personable.

Whilst our aim is to nudge you out of your comfort zone, we will only move at a pace that you are fine with. That said, You will want to make a change for the positive. Otherwise why book, right?

Travel billed as an additional expense if outside London. Email hello@reddskin.co.uk to discuss.

*valid for six months

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Do email me with any further queries, including payment plan information - hello@reddskin.co.uk