One night...whilst on a sewing break.

preorder on Amazon now Our school has a Facebook page created by our wonderful librarian, Ms Webb, who regularly posts news, competitions and updates. On Sunday she posted a picture of this book and offered to lend her pre-proofed copy to the first person to ask.

I asked.

After staff briefing the next morning Ms Webb duly handed the pristine package to me.

That night I came in from school eagerly carrying the precious cargo. The blurb reads thus:

"Colin Fischer doesn't like to be touched. Or the colour blue. He avoids eye contact unless absolutely necessary. Sherlock Holmes has a place of honour on his wall. His room is a shrine to clear-headed logic.

When a phone rings loudly in class, Colin can't cope. So he barks like a dog.

But when a gun goes off in the school cafeteria he isn't scared.    He's curious...Colin Fischer is determined to discover who fired that gun" 

Five hours later I wrote the following email to Ms Webb.


When I got in after a long difficult day, I made a cup of tea, grabbed the last mince pie and went upstairs to change. I started to read. An hour later I hadn't moved. M came in from college tired, cold and hungry. I reluctantly lay the book down, stroked her back and listened to the tales of her day. Her sister called her from downstairs and the moment my door closed I carried on reading. I was interrupted by K bearing a lovely hot bowl of stew. I ate it with gusto then continued reading. At about 9pm I got up, poured myself a teensy glass of Sicilian red and returned to The Book.

I finished it 10 minutes ago. In the entire history of Karen I have NEVER read a book in one sitting.

This book is fascinating, laugh out loud funny and engagingly written. The characters are endearing and recognisable. The story has all the suspense of a classic thriller. I LOVED it and I'm gutted I can't buy it for my sister (who would also love it) for Christmas. I posted it on instagram and someone asked whether it was aimed at adults or kids. There are references to puberty and some words that might pitch it at a late Year 8.  Every teacher should read it. As well as every parent or relative of a child with Aspergers. As well as every child who is in a class with a boy with Aspergers. Well just about everyone then

THANK you. Just thank you. Big FAT recommendation from me. And you can quote me on that!

Nanight *drains wine glass* 

K xxx

Ms Webb was so pleased with my email that she asked me if she could pass it on to the publisher, Hannah, at Puffin books.

Hannah was so thrilled that she mentioned my 'review' to the authors, Ashley E Miller and Zack Stenz. Now THESE are the guys who wrote the scripts for X-Men First Class and Thor. Hollywood scriptwriters no less! Colin Fischer is their first book. Sickeningly talented pair that they are. In Ms Webb's words "One's to watch".

Two days later a package arrived in the post.

What a lovely surprise!

Inside, part of the note reads

"I believe you mentioned you wished you had a copy of the book to give your sister for Christmas  - please find enclosed a copy. Thanks again for such a fantastic review".

Made my week!

I suggest you mark February 7th 2013 in your diary. This is the date that the book will be available to buy in the UK and on Kindle.

It'll be worth it.

So there's bound to be a film, right? Hmmmm I wonder who'll they'll cast as Colin?