Open Studios with Twisted Vintage Jewellery

You will remember Twisted Vintage Jewellery from Sydenham Visual Artists Trail. If you don't then let me refresh your memory.

I'll be gentle.


Twisted Vintage Jewellery is headed by a wonderfully creative, Brigitte Jones. Twisted Vintage take broken, discarded jewellery and skilfully transform it into unique, luxurious trinkets that are difficult to resist (I have two and my beady eyes are on at least 2 more…sshhh)

Brigitte and I met in 2013 at the very first Forest Hill Fashion Week. Her jewellery adorned many of the innovative clothes during the Final Catwalk event. At the time I was starting out by making bags and a few of my creations were also in that inaugural show. As women who both run creative local businesses we discovered that we have a lot in common and struck up an immediate friendship. In addition we share a mutual respect for 'Reuse Reduce Recycle' ethic and a deep love of colourful yet tasteful design. 

For the past two Summers Twisted Vintage has shared space with Reddskin for Sydenham Artists Trail. To our delight we discovered that we have complimentary styles that work perfectly together. That, and Brigitte's exemplary organisational skills (you should see how neat my Fabric stash looks now!), meant that another collaboration was definitely on the cards.

So naturally we are thrilled to be announcing that Reddskin will be joining Twisted Vintage Open Studios THIS weekend!  Eeeep! 


Imagine, if you will... a large, beautiful room filled with glittery, pretty trinkets, colourful clothing and bags and unique, unisex gifts. Add two charming hosts (Whom? Why US! Cheek) with winning smiles and a welcoming coffee. Are you drooling yet?

Let me give you the details:

Twisted Vintage and Reddskin Open Studios

Friday 6th November 9am - 1pm

Saturday 7th November 10am - 2pm.

75 Horniman Drive. Forest Hill. London. SE23 3BU.


It's THE perfect relaxed event make a start on your Gift shopping list. Come along and bring a friend!   

See you soon!