Wonder Walk: Wake up!

I've been having one of those meh moments. Great word that. You even have to frown to say it. As a part-time creative it's so frustrating when I finally have the time to sew or design... and I'm just not feeling it. Call it losing your Mojo or just being stuck in a rut. Add a massive feeling of guilt, especially in the run up to the Christmas season when there's so much to do, and it just causes more anxiety. Horrible.

So when I read about Wonder Walks; a way of kickstarting creativity in a  guest post by Laura Simms  for Oh My Handmade Goodness  I was surprised at just how I was excited to try it out. All I had to do was choose a topic to focus on, go for a walk, point my camera and shoot.

I don't know if I did it 'right' but I had SO MUCH FUN wandering around seeing objects through 'new' eyes. When I got home I was able to look at my photographs properly I must say I was thrilled by the results.

I would recommend this for anyone, creative, inquisitive or just plain bored, as a really interesting day out.  So without further ado here is a selection of the results of my Wonder Walk. Focus; My favourite colour!


And it worked...my sewing machine IS ALIVE! Yay! (You have to smile to say that word!)

What do you think? Fancy giving it a go?