Altogether now!

Apparently I've been 'tagged'. No I'm not  a criminal and I don't have some sort of disease. The delightful Mrs Worthington and her partners in crime Liz 'n' Laura thought it would be a whizzo idea to 'encourage' me to participate in a Christmas meme. Little did they know that: a/ I had no idea what tagging or a meme was,    and

b/ I would then go in to 'Oh my goodness what do I say? mode and drive everyone potty asking questions about it.

(really sorry about that, ladies).

I teach therefore (I am? Erm...No) getting into the Christmas spirit didn't even happen until the last excited pupil had left the building and I placed the receiver down on my final  phone call. Then, and only then, could I begin to get excited about the days ahead, rope my  darling divas in to helping me decorate the tree, and start a week of relative relaxation... aided and abetted by the odd  glass of  ginger wine and white rum *grins*.

Last year, however, I held my first Reddskinbags Festive Open Day. This meant that the tree had to be up much earlier to create the right ambience (or something). It's hard to resist the Christmas Spirit when Leilani our Home Fairy is watching you make mulled wine from atop the Christmas tree (and even harder when you've sampled  a glass).

Back in the day, Christmas morning at my mum's house always began early with her blasting out Christmas hits by Perry Como or Vic Damon. Ah, memories. My siblings and I  duly rolled our eyes at each other but when I moved in to my own place I actually missed their old school festive warbling. Rest assured I am not going to site any of their offerings as my favourite Christmas Song. For me, its ALL about the joining in! In the 80's my peers and I were just discovering a new-fangled genre named 'rap'... so when Kurtis Blow's 'Christmas Rapping' hit the airwaves we were hooked!

And I still love it!

So here, for your delight and entertainment (check the suit), is Kurtis Blow on  ToTP. I defy you not to rap along with it!


And now it's time to pass the tagging baton to these select few elliestreasures , Julesy10 , Giddystuff , DitsyBirdDesign , and The_Moiderer . What's your favourite Christmas song?