Getting shirty!

Last week I posted this fabulous idea on my Facebook page. Many commented on how ingenious it is and joked about the difference between the size of the model and some our not-so-svelte figures! That's the trouble with Ingenious Upcycling Ideas. When it comes to clothing would you reeeeeally go out in public wearing any of it?

So last Thursday, getting ready for my Live Jazz fix at Jazz:Refreshed , I decided to put this to the test with my own version catchily entitled 'Man's shirt as a TOP for meeeeee!'.

First I needed to find a shirt big enough to fit comfortably around my...ahem...'friends'. Half an hour and knee deep in shirts later I finally settled on a large white man's dress shirt. (the first shirt I'd picked as it happens - typical)

I didn't even bother attempting to fasten the top button (stop laughing) but settled a good 3 or 4 down the front (I said stop laughing!)  I accessorised with a pretty brooch which also served to help me feel much safer. No popping button incidents for this Ms thank you very much!

Next it was all about the sleeves as belt part. I did try tying them as a halter neck but unfortunately the fabric hung in such a way that it drew WAY too much attention to my upper body - SO not necessary.

Finally my hair went up in an orange silk wrap, I added my favourite jacket and a slightly nervous smile and I was off!  If I'm honest I did feel a little self-conscious at first but once my chief stylist (teen) had given her seal of approval I managed to relax.

What do you think?

Now are you ready to give it a go? Do let me know how you get on!